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Staff in Post data extraction and exclusions

Staff in Post data are extracted from a live system, SWISS, on the second Tuesday of every month for the staff in post as at the last day of the previous month. The following lists the conditions for this data to be reported in the NHSScotland Workforce publication.

A person must be in an active post and not working on a Bank contract type:

  • Start date is less than or equal to [census date]
  • End date is greater than or equal to [census date] OR is NULL
  • Conditioned hours is greater than 0
  • Contract Types included are: Permanent Job Share, Permanent, Permanent Secondment, Fixed Term, Fixed Term Job Share, Fixed Term/Temporary, FixedTerm Secondment, or Honorary (medical staff only)

Furthermore, not all staff recorded on local HR and payroll systems are directly employed by NHSScotland, therefore we run a series of exclusions in agreement with NHS Boards. These exclusions are:

  • Staff on detail codes 8171 (Modern Apprentice) and 8175 (Widows Pension Payment)
  • Staff on Payscales T024A and T024B (Widows Pension Payment)
  • Medical and dental staff with no medical grade recorded, and cannot be matched using the grade
  • Board specific exclusions: staff based on specific pay groups (for NHS Education for Scotland), specific medical exclusions (for NHS Borders, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and NHS National Services Scotland) and specific non-medical exclusions (for NHS Ayrshire & Arran)


Variables reported

The table below illustrate some of the key staff in post information published in the NHSScotland Workforce publication and how they are derived from the main data source, SWISS

  How this is derived from SWISS Data Source Exclusions made
Whole Time Equivalent (WTE)

Calculated from Contracted Hours and F/T Conditioned Hours.

WTE = (Contracted Hours)/(F/T Conditioned Hours). 

Honorary contracts are amended to 0.6 WTE


If WTE is less than 0.0

Bank staff with 0.33 or 0.25 contracted hours (non medical only)

Headcount Takes out double counting by using National Staff ID generated by SWISS  
Sex From Sex - Male/Female Payroll  
Whole or part time Derived from Contracted hours is less than F/T Conditioned Hours Payroll  
Age Is calculated from Date of Birth and is grouped into 5 year age groups for publication Payroll  
AfC band Derived from the fourth character of the Main Detail Code Payroll  
Job Family Derived from Job Sub Family for AfC staff, and from Scale for non AfC staff.  Payroll  
Sub Job Family From Job Sub Family and if this is blank then is matched on from Main Detail Code for AfC staff, and from Scale for non AfC staff Payroll  
Location of service delivery

Comes from Service Delivery Location and is grouped for publication.

If nothing recorded then Other.



Comes from Medical Grade (HR) and if this is blank is matched on from Grade (Payroll).

Grade is grouped for publication.

HR or Payroll If no Medical grade is recorded and a match cannot be made using Grade

Comes from Specialty and is grouped for publication. For Doctors in Training this data is taken from Turas People.

Staff with no specialty recorded are grouped into Not Known Medical Specialty or Not Known Dental Specialty depending on whether they have a GMC or GDC registration.


Country of Qualification Comes from Country Obtained and is grouped for publication on the Medical Trend table into Scotland, Other UK / UK unspec, Other EEA Countries, Rest of world or Unspecified HR  
NHS Board Derived from Employer Code. For Doctors in Training this data is taken from Turas People. Payroll  
Region Derived from Employer Code. Regions are North, East, West, and National Bodies and Special Health Boards. Payroll  
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)* Identified using the CNS Indicator Y/N HR  
CNS Specialty* Comes from Specialist Area HR  


*A national review into the CNS role and definition is currently underway, NES will work with NHS Boards to cleanse their CNS data once this is complete.